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Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer

1. Two-Way for Shooting : One is connecting with through Mobile'Bluetooth Function; anthor is control by Stabilizer APP (Compatible with most iOS or Android smartphones)
2. With 4000 mAh Power Bank, bulit-in USB interface, charge phone directly from the stabilizer .

3. Face Tracking + Visual Auto-Tracking Shooting

4. Direct Mobile Charging: Connect the USB port on the side stabilizer's holder by a power source SUCH AS a power pack to extend run-times.
5. Fast Camera-position Adjustment can be manually control by hands, No More Count weight
6. Two-way for Switching for Live show mode or Vertical shoot:
One is Adjust the mobile clamp Knob before placement the mobile; anthor is rotate the Stabilizer handle over70 degrees.
7. Control Camera Zoom from Handle
8. Vedio share & Edit, Supports GoPro Action Cameras + compatible with smartphones less than 6inches screen.
9. Universal 1/4" screw thread l for extension poles or tripod.
10. Accessries for opitonal choose of the photogracher, such as An-Shaking Bag, Storage Bag, Tripod, Action Camera Convert Holder.

Product info


Pitch(Tilt) Angle : 325°

Roll Angle : 180°

Panning Angle : 30°

Payload:  230MAX 250g

Carton weight (10 PCS): 9KG

Carton Dimension: 36*34*36cm

Controllable Pitch Angle: +155°/-155°

Controllable Roll Angle: +30°/-30°

Controllable Pan Angle: +155°/-155°

Zoom Control Function: Yes

Usage Time: 10-12 hours

Battery: 4000mAh

Blue Tooth: Yes

APP: Yes

State Tracking: Yes

Gimbal Dimensions:10.8cm(L)*7cm(W)*28.9cm(H)

Net weight:743g

Gross weight: 905g

Operating Current: 150~3000mA(Standard 1500mA)

Operating Voltage: 3.4~4.2V(Standard 3.7V)

Operating Temperature: 0C°-40C°

Charging Time : 3-4H

Output/Input Voltage: 5V

Output/Input Current: 1A


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