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  • Smart Wireless Car Charger

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  • Wireless Charger
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  • Smart Wireless Car Charger
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Car Wireless Charger

Stretch and close after power off
♦ Adopt the latest electromagnetic induction, the mode is more stable and avoid misoperation
♦ One-handed performance, touch interaction key, the arm lock intelligent stretch and shrink for wireless charging
♦ Touch the key on two sides of the bracket and the arm lock stretch automatic to take out your mobile phone
♦ Supply chuck bracket and air vent clamp

♦ Mute geared motor

♦ Color:Balck

Optional windshield bracket

Packing(without windshield bracket)

●Leave factory carton size: 48.6*40*33.7cm
●Product quantity: 50 PCS
●Weight: 12.6KG

Product info

♦Input voltage:DC5V/2A,9V/1.67A
♦Wireless output voltage/Current(max): Normal charging 5V/1000MA(max)   Fast charging DC9V/1000mA(max)
♦Operating frequency:110-205 KHz
♦Standby current :<100mA
♦Sensing distance:3mm~6mm (max)
♦Coin type: A11
♦Transfer efficiency:Normal charging≧70%,Fast charging ≧75%
♦Temperature protection:60-66°C
♦Protection:Over current/ over-temperature/ short-circuit protection
♦Charging: Blue LED
♦Foreign object detection(FOD):Red light flashing,stop working
♦Operation Temperature/Humidity:-40°C – 60°C , 10 – 85%

Support:Samsung s6, iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung S9, MIUI MAX2S,MAX3 etc.
LEDInstructions state
a. Power on: Red light flashing 1 time and blue light flashing 1 time then red light on
b. Charging: Blue light on
c. Foreign object detection: Red light fast blink 1 time/second
Arm lock stretch and shrink
a. Automatically arm lock stretch when power on, shrink 3s later

b.Touch the key of two sides, arm lock stretch, take out the phone and shrink 3s later automatically


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